Episode 123: All Your Burning Pinterest Questions ANSWERED with Kristie Hill

:writing_hand: Who takes notes while listening to podcasts? Do you write them by hand or use your computer? Get set to write fast and furiously in today’s episode that’s all about Pinterest!

Kristie Hill @heykristiehill is a Pinterest expert and she joins us in this episode to share all her insightful knowledge about the powerhouse platform.

Food bloggers will find massive amounts of value inside! Kristie answers the following questions plus so many more!

:unlock:How many pins should I post daily?
:unlock:How can I refresh old pins to make them more appealing?
:unlock:Is Tailwind worthwhile?
:unlock:Are video and story pins worth my time?
:unlock:How do I know which boards to pin to?
:unlock:How much of my own content vs. others’ content should I pin?

This episode is PACKED with value! See you inside!

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