Episode 093: Expand Your Brand into the Community With Diana Edelman

Welcome to episode 093! :speaking_head: Today’s topic is fun - it’ll get your wheels turning and the creative juices flowing. You’ll be encouraged to put thought into ways to grow and expand your business!

Diana over at @vegansbaby talks about how to establish yourself in the community AND worldwide while expanding your food blog. She walks us through ways to do this. For her, it was providing different offerings to her audience like food tours, consulting services, creating special activities and more. :raised_hands:

Here’s a good piece of action-oriented advice: :brain: Brainstorm what you do online NOW (while you’re at home!) THEN make a plan to go into the real world with it. :male_detective:‍♂ If you want the nitty gritty details, which are helpful no matter which direction you go - listen to the episode!

You can head over to your favorite podcast player our EBT website to listen to the episode!