Entrepreneurial Talk - Does this resonate?

Hey food bloggers, let’s chat!

Love to hear your thoughts.
Does this resonate with you?
Did you walk into blogging with this mindset?


I’d like to congratulate you on mother’s day, if I may.

And as for the prompt here, it is a thought-provoking topic and I like to hear what others have to say about it.

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And I have to give myself a pep talk some days because I have the energy for a dreamer not a doer.

More accurately: The true entrepreneur dreams big, then acts! :grin:


That’s a good point @Ginainga! It can start out being a dreamer, but sustaining your dream and the ability to grow something you make, work it and be your own boss, you have to find a way to discipline yourself and get doing!

Any strategies you’ve found to help you?

Good point! But sometimes it’s in stages and seasons. I’ve seen that too. It can be daunting but that dream is always there. So yes, growing and coming out at different times.

Thank you! There’s lots of mother’s here, lots of mother figures supporting and lifting others up.

Chime in on this topic at any moment. It’s fun to learn from others and challenge your own thinking.

Since my own mom is deceased, I bought a cake for my aunt.