Encouragement going into the weekend


Empathy Is The Most Important Leadership Skill According To Research

](Empathy Is The Most Important Leadership Skill According To Research)

Have you ever filled out a resume or job application and filled out that you’re an empathatic person? Something to think about. We can use more empathy in the world!

As you go into the weekend, I hope you remember you’re worth being encouraged and helped and loved and I hope you do the same for someone else. If you have something positive, a WIN or anything of that variety to share about blogging or in your personal life, comment below! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


My win this week was actually giving myself a bit of empathy and accepting that it’s okay for me to be a bit behind and let myself rest. I had to go away on a five day school trip for work that was absolutely exhausting, and I didn’t get to even think about my blog the whole time I was there. When I came back, I was really putting a lot of pressure on myself to “get caught up.” As soon as I realized I could just allow things to be the way they are instead of resisting and thinking about how they “should” be, everything became easier. Sometimes big wins come in the form of small internal shifts.

And I totally agree that the world needs more empathy. It’s not a “soft skill.” It’s an absolutely crucial skill. Thanks for elevating this topic.


@Renee thank you for sharing this!

A couple significant benefits of being a boss babe entrepreneur is that A, you get to channel your creative talents into something for yourself and grow it. But B, you can do it when it works for you. Yes, work hard. But when you need a break, you don’t have to go to a boss to get permission. Allow yourself that time. Your blog will still be there and ready to go when you’re refreshed!


@Renee I LOVE that you shared this! I had a similar theme this week. That “getting caught up” situation is no joke. I love the feeling after we just DECIDE to let things be! Small shifts can have such massive impacts. Nice job and thank you again for sharing this!!

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