Enchilada Sauce Recipes

I’m doing a roundup more focused on enchilada sides, but I also want to link to a couple options for enchilada sauces. I have a red/chipotle pepper based sauce, so verde and/or others would be great. (I’ve started collected ideas for the sides elsewhere but if you have a great one let me know that, too). Gracias!

This is probably similar to yours, but here is the enchilada sauce I have on my blog!

It does look good! Nice idea adding it to mac & cheese, too. Ideally I’d like to grab something more in the verde or otherwise less similar to mine. Thanks!

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This may or may not be what you are looking for, as it is a whole enchilada recipe vs. just the sauce, but the sauce is really good! Creamy Salsa Verde Green Chicken Enchiladas Recipe • State of Dinner

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Also, here is a good side dish recipe. Mexican Wild Rice Recipe • Easy Side Dish • State of Dinner

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Thanks, I will check these out!