Email Welcome Series question

Thanks to the amazing advice of Sara Nelson from Real Balanced, I have created an email welcome series for my blog that I’m super proud of. I cover SO much, ranging from highlighting specific categories to showcasing happy follower testimonials to giving my audience a glimpse into my personal world to highlighting recipe favorites.

My question is… Once I feel like I’m done with the welcome series, what do I do? How do I end it? Or don’t I? Do I include a final “that’s a wrap!” email? Or continue the series, but with less frequency?

Any insight is appreciated!

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@megan I’ve been thinking about the same thing. I’ve seen some emails that state this is the last weekly email they will receive but to look forward to a monthly newsletter. I’m leaning towards that approach right now.

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They get this email sequence sent to them once they sign up for what? Specifically this sequence or just your email list in general? How many emails are in this intro sequence?

If they sign up to be on my email list through popup or banner on blog. Speaking just about welcome sequence here, so most likely all new visitors. I have about 20 emails that are sent out through the course of about 60ish days.

I’m so happy to hear you wrote your Welcome Sequence, Megan!

So, I would not end it at all. In fact, I would be sure to keep adding to it every few months or so. And, even if you don’t add to it, since you’ll still continue manually emailing your list with your newest content, there’s no reason to say “that’s all! The end!” in your Welcome Sequence. It can come to an end and then you’ll just continue to regularly send out your Broadcast emails.

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Ahhh thank you! This is hugely helpful, Sara!
I seriously would not have written this series without your encouragement, so THANK YOU. And I had a chat with a guest on my podcast today and she shared that you encouraged her to make a welcome series, as well. You’re the best!