Email: Plain text or image-heavy?

Was wondering what everyone is doing for email? Do you send ones that are more text-heavy or image-heavy?

(My opinion for food bloggers is to send one that’s mainly text but could include 1 or 2 images of a recipe you are sharing.)

This article is from a few years ago but says plain text is often opened more often.

Personally - as a content consumer - I prefer all-text emails. That’s why I only do a header with the logo, the rest is all text. But I haven’t done any testing yet, I wonder what works best in the food world.

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I actually haven’t considered testing with this, but it’s a great idea @kasia ! We are very image heavy on our emails because how can we resist the beautiful flodesk templates?! :laughing:


Having used most of the email platforms :joy: (Mailchimp, Convertkit and now Flodesk), I personally prefer the images. They encourage me to click and open and help tell the brand story. My readers seem to feel the same way - after all, we do partially eat with our eyes. That all being said…testing is a good idea!!