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Hi Everyone,

I’m working on growing my email list (very slowly…) and I’m trying to rethink my freebie. I had originally used a Lightroom mobile preset designed for food photography, which worked well with my instagram audience but (unsurprisingly) isn’t that effective on my blog, where most people find my content because they’re googling recipes.

I’m trying to decide what else could work well and would love any suggestions you might have (particularly if they’re things that worked for you) my blog is a baking blog with a focus on small batch desserts and bread.

I’m vaguely thinking of either doing a sourdough starter guide for my sourdough recipes or potentially a “5 basics” type guide with basic recipes and tips on how to customize them (probably cake, lemon curd, chocolate ganache, pastry and buttercream icing). But I’m very open to other ideas if anyone has suggestions!

I guess I’m also not totally sure how much work I should be putting into these things, and how much content is reasonable for a freebie?

Thanks for any suggestions!


Hi Maya!

Good questions. I think you have a lot of possibility here. I’m not a blogger with freebies but I love to cook and bake and am immersed in this world with you so here’s just a couple of thoughts. We can let others chime in as they get their thinking hats on!

–How to season a cast iron pan
-Air Fryer suggestions/tips
-You’re a cosmologist!! That’s something to put out there with something helpful now that springs around the corner and outdoor schmoozing will be back and what could pair well with a few baked items
-how long things stay good for (My sister regularly frets her eggs are old! :grin:)
-Favorite things of a small batch baker - (tools, ingredients, brands, etc)
-Brunch related content?
-Farmers market type guide on getting good fruit/veggies for baking
-seasonal map for what’s coming up and when so people are ready

Hope that gets the wheels turning!

I think a free eBook with 5-10 dessert recipes for 2 could be a good freebie. You can use the recipes that are already on your blog.

Or if you want to do a email series “quick start guide” you could do something like 5 Secrets to Getting Started with Sourdough or 5 Secrets to the Perfect Sourdough Starter. As someone who is intimidated by baking sourdough, I would sign up for this.

Another idea is an exclusive recipe that’s not on your blog + variations. So you could create an eBook that is a basic cake recipe for two (or cookies) and share flavor variations/mix ins, etc.

P.S. Listen to Episode 287 of Eat Blog Talk. :wink:

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Thank you both for the great ideas!

Honestly really appreciate all of your suggestions, they’re fantastic! I think I might try something with sourdough and then also a small batch tools/ingredients type guide since those kind of capture the two main categories of recipes on my blog.

I’ll have to check out the Eat Blog Talk episode as well - that’s a great suggestion !

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Hey @mayaskitchendaydream , if you are able to do a mini “seasonal” ebook, that could be something! 5 recipes max I would say. I feel like people love themed ebooks.


Thank you so much everyone for your suggestions! I’ve been working on putting together a little crash course on sourdough baking which will hopefully work well for my readers. I’m planning to introduce others as I have time!

I have a small follow-up question. I realized my email service provider (convertkit) requires me to upgrade in order to send “sequence” emails. I’m thinking that instead of upgrading, I might just try sending the whole course as a PDF, so it would be a little e-book with 5 “lessons” in it. Does that format make sense? Or do you think I’d be better off finding a way to trickle the information out over the course of 5 days instead?

Thanks again for all your tips and suggestions - they’ve been invaluable.

Love this idea! I think I’m going to try to work on one for summer fruit!