Email Goals

Who’s got a goal for 2022 to work on their email list? To grow it, engage with your list or maybe offer them a product you’ve been preparing?

I challenge you to listen to episode 326 of Eat Blog Talk where Monica from The Hidden Veggies gets real specific about her email list and the 3 year journey she’s been on to build a quality list.

If you heard the episode, be sure to share below one favorite takeaway! :point_down:

Let’s see everyone see some major growth to their email lists for 2022!


I can’t wait to listen! This week I’m working on setting up my welcome series that comes after my freebie is delivered. Also creating a second freebie! I could use alll the tips for continuing engagement, etc.

Ok, that’s awesome! Glad you’re in the thick of it because I think this will encourage you to keep going and look at it again from the perspective she shares. Be sure to tell us how it’s going later this year!

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