EBT resource library

If you’re not quite ready for the EBT mastermind program, you might benefit from the new EBT resource library! Just thought I’d spread the word about it here because there’s a lot of value inside.

What is inside the EBT resource library?

This library is a subscription-based resource that will give you quick access to value, such as guest expert session recordings, intensive and planning session recordings, exclusive podcast episodes, Clubhouse conversation recordings and so much more.

Who is the EBT resource library for?

  • This library is for NON-mastermind members who want access to value! (Mastermind Program participants get immediate access to the entire resource library when signing up.)
  • It is for food bloggers wanting fast access to resources that will help move the needle forward in their businesses.
  • If you need to save up money before signing up for the mastermind program, the resource library will fill the gap until you’re able to do so.

What is the investment?

You will get thousands of dollars worth of value for $27/month!

Have a great Thursday, awesome food bloggers! :sun_with_face: :sun_with_face: :sun_with_face: :sun_with_face: