EBT episode 109: Navigating Web Accessibility 101 With Bethany Smith

:fire: Episode 109 covers a hot topic: Web Accessibility for Food Bloggers with @BethanySmith from @cadiamarketing :fire::fire::fire:

Making our blogs, social channels and videos more accessible is a hot topic for good reason. Join us inside the episode to hear a user experience design expert talk about how to make your content more accessible.

:star2: Bethany talks about the background of web accessibility and why it is important and relevant.
:star2: Add alt text to all blog images.
:star2: Jump to recipe buttons are a must!
:star2: Videos should be captioned.
:star2: Consider adding alt text to photos on social media, as well.

There’s so much more information waiting for you in the episode!

You can head over to your favorite podcast player to listen or read the show notes on our EBT website.

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It was great being on this episode with you @megan!

If anyone has questions or comments from the episode or about web accessibility in general, I’m here to answer them!

Also, be sure to download my free web accessibility guide & planner from my website!


I had a blogger friend (non-food) listen and she said it was sooo helpful! You provide such great info in the episode, @BethanySmith !!

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