EBT episode 107: How To Create eBooks To Diversify Your Income With Kelly McNelis

:computer:If you have ever considered creating an ebook, this episode is a must-listen! Kelly from EBooks Pro story with creating successful ebooks as a way to create a lucrative passive income stream is super inspiring. Her goal is to work less and make more money. :dollar:Something I think we’d all like to aspire to, right?!

  • Do not wait until you are an expert. Get started NOW!
  • Ebook launches require forethought and strategy. What does that look like? Kelly has some advice for you!
  • Find a topic for your ebook by asking your audience what they want. Kelly has a specific strategy for this part of the process!

Kelly provides all the details, from pricing to length to marketing tactics and so much more to encourage you to get started on your own ebook journey!

You can head over to your favorite podcast player to listen or visit the EBT website for audio and show notes .