Don't let Disappointment Discourage You

Disappointment should be looked at as a reason to change how you are doing things, not as a reason to feel defeated. I sometimes need a reminder of this and well, I got it yesterday.

In our business we will have disappointments and we will have some pretty cool accomplishments too. But it is all about how you handle the disappointments so they lead to amazing accomplishments!

Yesterday’s disappointment was a little different but turned out to be an amazing discovery. See I always use Adobe for all of my pictures and graphics. I have always used illustrator for my Pinterest graphics as it came with my apps from Adobe.

I love my laptop for most reasons, but the colors are blah. I have been editing photos in Lightroom on my phone and creating graphics on the computer (which is hard when the computer graphics are dull.) A new computer was something I was deciding on but the one that had everything I want is quite pricey so I spent 1100 on a new tablet with keyboard (yes pricey but much less the computer I was looking at.) Now to put the next paragraph into perspective - I have never owned a tablet before and before the color disappointment of my computer, I never considered even spending 1100 on a computer.

So here I was with an expensive device that I was super excited about. Got home, charged it and set it up to find out that the illustrator app for mobile is literally just a drawing app :exploding_head: The program I used to make my graphics that has so many things to do is not an app for mobile. Now I was about to panic thinking “what did I do?” I spent how much on the newest Samsung tablet, had to have the biggest screen with the best graphics and still cannot make Pinterest graphics!

But after the melt down I went into Adobe and found Spark which I believe also has a free application, but I pay for all apps so I have premium. Turns out Spark is actually designed to do this kind of stuff for Pinterest and Instagram. And the things I can do with it are just simply amazing! Oh and they have an app for my tablet so I can get the true colors and not be creating on a crappy color computer :smile:

Now if I had let disappointment get the best of me (after my panic attack), I probably would have either given my kids this amazing tablet (they probably would be ok with that) or brought it back. But instead I looked into other possible solutions, and the end result is so much better!

You may want to try Spark by Adobe if you have never seen it before. I am not sure what all is included in the free version, but I am sure it is worth checking out!!


I love this story, thanks for sharing it with us! So encouraging. :grin:

Sometimes it feels like just when you get really comfortable with one program, you are forced to use another. Everything always changes!

I know many people also use Canva, especially for pin graphics. I had a hard time transitioning to Canva since I’d always used Photoshop or Illustrator for everything. But it really makes simple graphics simple to make!

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Have you tried Spark? It is similar to Canva but if you already have Adobe apps, it is worth trying! You can use it to create many things of many sizes - Facebook, a whole webpage, IG and create your own branding as well. I can make an automated pin graphic in a lot less time then it took me in illustrator so I am a happy camper :smile:

I haven’t done much with Canva since I already pay monthly for Adobe (didn’t want to pay for Canva on top of Adobe), so I can’t compare well. But I do know a lot of people who use Canva and love it! It was going to be my back up if I didn’t find something else in my Adobe account

I didn’t even know about Spark until I couldn’t use my go to program anymore lol. Funny how we get stuck in our comfort zone and don’t see other great things

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I haven’t used Spark but have heard great things.

I don’t pay for Adobe anymore. I actually use Affinity Photo. They have their own photo, design and publisher tools! It’s a one-time payment of $50. I don’t do much with photography, so it works well for me. I think Photoshop/Lightroom is still more powerful if that’s your focus. I haven’t used their other tools yet, they are a bit newer. Something I should look into.

I know, I think I need to get a new computer soon, and a new phone. Not looking foward to doing either. So hard to get new things set up and learn all the new tricks and shortcuts! Ugh!

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Adobe is expensive so yeah if you are using something else, you really don’t need to use that too. I hear you with setting stuff up, the older I get the more of a struggle it can be.

It’s funny because I was pretty sure I wanted a Samsung for computer or tablet, mainly because of my phone being Samsung and I love it. But before I ruled out Apple I figured I would take a look at their tablets. Yeah I had to ask for help from my kids because I couldn’t find the Internet tab - wish I was kidding! But no worries, they hooked me up with the knowledge to get through it…

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@thekitchenandalatte There is opportunity to find good in every situation and I LOVE that you have this perspective. You kept at it and found something even better than what you were expecting!

I’ve never used Spark because I’m so happy with what I currently use. I have heard great things about it!
I used a combo of Canva (LOVE canva), Photoshop and Lightroom. Canva is especially handy for making really quick Pinterest pins and the free version provides everything I ever need!