Does your INBOX threaten to suffocate you?

Something else recording time logs has revealed to me is that I spend WAY too much time replying to emails. My VA takes care of my food blogging email account 98% of the time, but I am 100% in control of my podcasting email account and it takes up SO MUCH of my time.

Basically, I’m having a hard time giving up control because I feel like podcast communications need to come from me. Am I delusional?

It’s very likely that I’m nuts (ha!), but something needs to change because I should not be spending 6.5 hours/week inside any email account.

I would love to hear email/inbox strategies or thoughts about relinquishing control!

I guess it would be figuring out WHAT you are emailing about in that time.

Since I’ve been on your podcast, I know you do have some standard things you email out, so it seems like that isn’t taking a ton of time. (But that could be handled by your VA too.)

If it is questions about how the podcast will go or a discussion about the topic, it does seem like you should be the one answering.

I’d say any of the standard reminder emails can be done by a VA (or there may be a way to audit these), and the rest from you.

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My VA and I just had a chat last week and I’m going to start handing over those standard emails to her. Baby steps! :rofl:

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