Does it matter when you post

Hi everyone!

I recently did a bunch of my content planning for the spring and went through and scheduled when I should post to my blog, pinterest, insta etc.

I know being consistent is important, so I try to post my blog posts at the same time every week. But does anyone have a view on how important the time of day/day of the week is?

If so how did you choose that timing?


Personally, I have always tried to stick to a certain day of the week but not necessarily a time of day. I think at the end of the day, consistency is what Google is going to favor…? no matter what day and time? As long as you stick to your # of posts per week routine.

@mayaskitchendaydream I have no rhyme or reason for this, but I have consistently published all of my posts at 9am on whichever day of the week it’s going up. Right now I’m putting up new content M W F, but when I’m doing 2 days/week I post on M Th.

I’m curious to hear what others do!

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Super interesting @megan – do you find that there is a big difference between the days your posting in regards to traffic?

Ah that’s so interesting to hear! Thanks, @girlappetit and @megan for sharing your strategies!

So I’ve just started posting at 7 am every Saturday and then I’ve also regularized by instagram posting schedule. For my blog I just chose the most popular time from my analytics and went with that, but I’m curious to see if it’ll make much of a difference.

I guess I’ll give it a couple of months and see!

I would imagine that posting time matters more for social media than it does for your actual blog but I have no real rational to back that up :joy:

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Amazing!! keep us posted on how that all turn out with your blog posting schedule. I have definitely noticed that it makes a difference with social media. I manage social media for the company I work for and notice that weekends, for some reason, get the least amount of attention!

Oh that’s really interesting! Because I normally post recipes on saturday I tend to share them to social media on saturday and sunday. Maybe I should be focusing on sharing them during the week instead.

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I mean , if its working out for you… keep doing what you’re doing! But it’s definitely good to test things out to see what works out best for your content and audience!! I feel like with blogging and social it’s all about testing!!