Do you Share Restaurant Photos?

Question - I do a lot of posts about restaurants (Disney & Universal trip planning), but I tend to not share photos of the food. This is because if I share a photo of a menu item that is a special promotion or a limited time experience, it’s not helpful for folks who are planning a future trip.

Example: We went to Victoria & Alberts, a 5 diamond restaurant at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort. It’s a 10-course meal with customizable menus that is focused on seasonality, which basically means that what I had in April won’t be available in September and changes constantly!

When you’re reviewing a restaurant OR doing a tip-post, do you use your own photos or do you utilize promotional images from the company? What about images for your website over social media?

Just wanted to ask folks who are in the same arena, as it’s an interesting topic going into 2020!

Thanks for all your insights!

I don’t do restaurant reviews, Dustin, but for tip posts I always always use my own photos no matter the platform. I feel like my photos are a branch of my brand and it wouldn’t feel as authentic using any other promotional imaging. I can see where there is a lot of grey area, though, in the situation where you don’t want to be locked into a very specific 10-course meal. Interesting topic to think about!

I don’t do restaurant reviews in my blog, I only post recipes. But as a mom who loves Disney and is part of several Disney FB groups to chat with friends about it, I would love looking at actual pictures of food as you ordered it. Just add an explanation that their menu changes seasonally and they’ll get something different each time they visit depending on time of the year. People who read Disney blogs want real, authentic photos. Also, when i look in Yelp for restaurant reviews i scroll at the customer pictures instead of looking at pictures from the restaurant itself.

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