Do you blog AND have a full time job?

I recently listened to a very interesting podcast episode on the Food Blogger Pro podcast titled: Blogging with a Full-Time Job.

What I thought was interesting about this episode was that the guest, David Crowley, enjoys growing his blog as a side hustle, but has no plans to give up his full time job in a non-profit. I was curious to see if there was anyone here that is navigating a similar journey? Are you blogging as a second stream of income? How do you balance it all?


I own a business and work from home full-time. I started my blog one year ago with minimal expectations, knowing it would be slow going until I’m able to sell the company and dedicate more time to the blog. During the slow times at work, I’m learning as much as I possibly can while getting posts out sporadically. I know I’m supposed to be posting more consistently but it’s not something I can commit to right now. Instead, I’m loading the blog with as much content as I can and learning SEO, WP, and “all the things.” I know the day is coming when I can do this full-time (possibly even this year!) and thankfully in the meantime, I don’t have to stress about finances because the job pays all the bills.

I listened to Bjork’s interview with David and agree it’s optimal to hire a VA to do the things we don’t want to do, but since I’m truly a beginner at this, I feel I need to continue “doing it all” until I am educated enough in the blogging world to know exactly what I can handoff to someone else.

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Glad you found the episode interesting! Figured I’d say hello and mention that I am here!

One thing I’d mention is that while I don’t see dropping my nonprofit work, I do see a benefit to building a fairly significant second income stream to give me some flexibility to reduce the “day job” work schedule at some point and/or help during a transition period.


I agree! as someone who also works Full Time it would be great to have the option to hire a VA to tackle the tasks that we either don’t care for or don’t have time for.

absolutely! nowadays, it’s so beneficial to have multiple streams of income. Especially as an entrepreneur and business owner.

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I remember when I just started my blog - I had a full-time job - my business, which I founded from beginning to end, performed many functions - from barista to general manager. I remember how I drew up a business plan, registered a company (by the way I did it online How to Form an LLC in New Hampshire: Starting, Cost, Registration in 2022 as I didn’t want to waste a lot of time on paperwork), created menu, came up with a cafe design from a logo to a form, and from the opening I managed to work in all possible positions. Later, I switched exclusively to the kitchen, when the income began to allow me to hire enough staff. I started blogging while working, but in the end I went on maternity leave and my main occupation was the child and the blog :melting_face:


Love that you brought this up - everyone is coming at this so differently - different family sizes, expectations, fulfillment.

Having children changes it all - whether you think it will or not. Do you still have the cafe? Work there at all? Miss it?

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Yes, with the child my life has changed, though I still have my cafe - I don’t spend there much time for now but I am planning to come back with time as I really missed it. Now people I can trust work there, several times a week I come and check how things are going, make adjustments. Looking forward to come back :blush: :blush:

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I do. :blush:
I do have a full-time job as my primary source of income. And I do manage an Instagram page where I give advice to budding tuters and businesses.
My full-time job pays for my insurance and social security though the salary is barely enough to sustain well-round life.
The Page however small and basic sometimes earns me a hefty income, as well as keeps me amused in the morning.

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Keep plugging away at those dreams, you never know when you’re going to turn the corner and things are going to go your way with your personal life, business life.

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Thank you for the advice, Melisa.
I watched a movie called “The Bridesmaids” a couple of years ago. The antagonist had hit bottom. She had lost her job, could not pay her rent, and eventually moved back to live with her Mom.
I quote her Mom here saying:
“hitting bottom is … actually … a good thing because you cannot go down any further. You can only go up.”
I liked the movie though, but this phrase was my takeaway from it. And sometimes it helped me keep going.

Most people, me included, just feel lucky to have a job so we can enjoy our nonwork hours.

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My blog doesn’t bring me much money, that’s why I have to work.

Yes, Cassy, those are valid reasons. It takes time to launch a blog and make it money. And lots of bloggers on the podcast have shared that even when they do have money coming in, they choose to invest it in growing the blog to jumpstart it as well. There’s so much validity in purchasing wise and upgraded tools, getting help doing the things you don’t love about blogging so you can grow the parts you do. Blogging is a great big, complex business!

Grace and Vine share about investing in WP tools.

Allea Grummert from Duett explains how to convert subscribers to more traffic with email.

Courtney Paige shared some gold in growing your community to help grow your business too.

If you haven’t checked out these episodes, be sure to! Or listen again for some encouragement. Find the passion in what you’re doing and the money will come. But it’s not a straight line and everyone’s path is different.

Thank you for commenting - be encouraged!!