Digital products

What are some digital products for readers on food blog? Anything interesting rather than ebook?

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@Shellyfoodspot So many options! Just a few off the top of my head:

  • Meal planners or meal prep guides
  • Videos to package and sell
  • A community you could create
  • Email courses
  • Virtual cooking classes

Also, @jasonlogsdon and I will be hosting an Expert Video Roundup on June 16th. A handful of presenters will touch on a bunch of great ideas on this very topic!

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I also have a free course for moving Beyond the Ad Network: Beyond the Ad Network Email Course

And I can’t wait for our Expert Video Roundup!


Thankyou :slightly_smiling_face:, waiting for the roundup to attend​:+1:

I’ve been thinking to include crypto online payings for my digital products (I have courses, ebooks, and meal plans). Hopefully, this will expand the volume of purchases since people who own crypto are spending it easier than standard currencies. I am thinking about Nexthash in case anyone else is thinking to do the same… however, I don’t really get it lol so I still need to do a huge research so I won’t purchase the wrong thing haha. :joy: