Digital products episode

I just listened to Megan’s episode on digital products and was beyond inspired to start brainstorming my own potential products!

The only question i have is how do you handle payments? Do you set up woocommerce? That adds a lot of pressure to the site, potentially slowing it down, so i was wondering if there are other ways that would have less impact on site speed?


That’s a good question. What kind of products were you thinking of? I am looking at doing some type of membership through Substack or Buy Me a Coffee.

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I’m excited to listen to this episode! I sell through gumroad and love it. I know they have a feature to integrate it into your own website but I just host everything on their platform. I have payment setup through them via credit card or paypal.

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When I was selling an ebook I did it through SendOwl, which is similar to Gumroad. I don’t think either are too hard to set up and those are the two I hear most often for people who are just starting out selling digital products. The other one I know is ThriveCart but I believe that’s more expensive to go through.

If you use ConvertKit for your email I know they have a way to sell through email, so that’s something to look into as well.

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I use Thrivecart, but just started experimenting with Milo Tree Cart as well. MTC has almost everything Thrivecart has and is more robust than Send Owl or Gumroad. If you anticipate selling more than just one product and want a little more functionality, TC and MTC are worth considering. TC has a higher pricepoint than MTC.
I recently became a Milo Tree Cart affiliate, so here’s that link if you’re interested in checking it out! Jillian also talks a bit about MTC on the episode you referenced.