Different Ways to Monetize

I’ve just listened to the newest episode on the Eat Blot Talk podcast (#274 - Monetize Your Blog During the "Ad Network Wait) Episode #274: Monetize During The "Ad Network Wait" - Eat Blog Talk

…and it got me thinking of other ways someone can monetize while they are working towards MediaVine or AdThrive status (or whichever ad network they are aiming for).

I’m sure we’d all love to hear from someone who is currently monetizing while waiting to be accepted into an ad agency. Personally, I am always brainstorming ways I can start working for myself that could relate with food blogging, content creation, etc.

I was recently accepted to mediavine, however, before that I have done multiple sponsored posts and even have done long term brand partnerships. I also do affiliate marketing with amazon - which isn’t a ton, but I was trying to make sure I filled multiple buckets. Now that I have been approved for mediavine, I will continue to pursue multiple avenues of revenue so I don’t rely on just one thing.


wow that is so exciting!! how big was your social media following and viewership on your blog while you were doing sponsored content? I’ve been so afraid to start that up because I feel like my stats aren’t impressive enough to approach brands. …

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Not that much at all honestly. I used network sites like social fabric and quotient (used to ahalogy). I was under 10k sessions when I did 3 of my sponsored posts and about 15k when I did my brand partnership. I’m only at 1800 on IG and 350 on FB.

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i have never heard of those sites! I will definitely check them out. Do they pay pretty decently? My sessions and pageviews are still fairly low… my IG is growing though!

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Sway, activate, influencer central, aspire iq are all other ones. I have done 4 posts through social fabric and one through quotient. They pay ok…probably a little less than what I would have charged at the time, but you have decide if it’s worth it to you or not. I’m pretty picky about what I will apply to though. They pay based on what your page view are though, so it’s a sliding scale.