Define your own (realistic) goals - it's liberating

I feel compelled today to just share a wee bit of celebration along with a high thank you to EBT, Megan, and all of you for this inspiration, advice, and camaraderie. Like a lot of folks, this past year has presented some crazy challenges. In my case, we moved countries in the middle of lockdown, which left us working for ourselves (me blogging, my hubby writing), and downsizing in every possible way.

Now that the dust has settled and I’ve had months of being able to walk and think in this beautiful Scottish countryside, I’ve had time to really consider what I want. So I set some blogging goals based on what I actually need, what’s important to me, and what I, one person, can realistically do. The minute I did this, something quite amazing happened.

All the stress of what I think I need to be doing because I read it in some post or heard it on a podcast? Gone. All the woes of how mean Google and Pinterest are? Gone. All the comparison to everyone else? Gone. It’s just me and what I’ve set out to do. I still read and I listen, but I do that with discernment, not emotion. The motion isn’t catchup - it’s forward.

I’ve learned that when those goals are realistic for you, a funny thing happens - you start to get there. And crazily, I have more time. Long walks, more reflection, more creative time, and the result? I’ve reached a personal traffic milestone over the past month (so it must be real) and that’s gotten me close to that modest income goal. When you cut through the noise and quit the comparison game and quit internalizing all the ‘blogging victimhood’ that you see in other forums, life just gets happier and better.

Sorry for this long-winded post, but I did want to say thanks. For the understanding, practical advice, and clarity that’s always here. It’s appreciated.


PS - We just went out for a quick, rainy walk and I saw the sweetest little baby deer. Ok, not the jumping dolphins like the other week - but how cool is that?


Denise - that is so inspiring! Thank you for taking the time to share that reflection and success!! I’m so excited for you to find that growth and contentment and passion!

Also - so exciting to be calling Scotland home! It’s a dream of my husband and I to travel there and it makes me itchy to get out and visit some place new.

Keep growing!



@DeniseP WOW!!!
I can’t even tell you how much I love this. I read through your post once yesterday and again today and I can relate to so much of what you are saying. I am THRILLED that you’ve gotten to this place of “magic” and that you’re seeing increased abundance because you’ve simplified and slowed down.

This has been a MAJOR theme for me too in recent months. Before we left for vacation I felt this strong pull to simplify further, but to first just STOP. I knew clarity would come. Clarity came (not in the way I wanted it to) and once we get back home I want to do what you’re talking about! More reflection, long walks, creative time, etc.

I feel so strongly about good things coming from slowing down and I absolutely love your story that aligns with this concept. THANK YOU so much for sharing! I hope this inspires others like it did me.

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Thanks for all that kindness, Megan!
I’ve been thinking about your trip to Bozeman - my parents lived there for several years when we finally coaxed them away from our family ranch, which was in the mountains nearby. It’s a great place to spend some time (in the summer). Clear skies, clear heads!
I am convinced that we all need to keep the noise to a minimum. I used to stress myself out so much and got so little accomplished. There’s a better way. I don’t have all the answers by a long shot, but doing the same things, expecting different results? We all know what that is.


Bozeman is a great little city! (When not spending time in the hospital, that is.)
I am 100% with you on keeping noise to a minimum. :heart: Again, thank you sooo much for sharing all of this, @DeniseP !

Whenever I feel overwhelmed or unfocused, I find the soonest time I can just stop and take a break away from work, computer, social media, podcasts, etc. I usually take a walk or clean my house. Clarity always comes when I do that! Then I re-organize and simplify things that have gotten out of control on my laptop or with a business process or system. So important to take breaks like that and figure out what success looks like for you (I’m always reminding myself of this)!

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I love reorganizing - it brings about such a great sense of control. Anything, from my growing collection of spices to my computer files. It makes you think and creates a clean space - not just the cupboards, in your head. :slight_smile:


Since we are talking about food here as well… well I’m a big fan of eating out—I love the restaurants, the atmosphere, the service… also i’m very excited about brave new world of crypto, and i just can’t help but wonder what restaurants allow you to pay online— here i found some options but obviously it’s not starbucks that i crave for, but small family restaurants, you know. something familiar and cozy, combined together with something futuristic
That’s what i really want, i guess

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