Daylight SAVING Time this weekend!

Ugh, this is the weekend! Who else hates the time change?? :raising_hand_woman:

Also remember that it’s is “saving” without the “s” not “savings”. :wink:

Good luck!

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I think every human on the planet says “savings.” It’s hard NOT to say it!
My boys sleep later in the mornings for like a week with this time change, so I love it. Plus, more daylight! :sun_with_face:

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Honestly I prefer this time change. I would lose 2 hours of sleep if it got me more daylight! :laughing: I love those long summer night! :hugs:


Yikes, I didn’t realize it was that time of year already!!!


I don’t know about you guys who like it! :thinking:

I think cause my kids are still so young - 2 & 4- it’s still hard to adjust. I do like that they maybe sleep in longer but they also tend to stay up later.

I do like more light in the evening but not as much in the morning. I guess I’m just never happy. :joy::joy::joy:

We should just do away with it altogether and then life would be good! Or I could just move to Arizona.

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We used to be one of those states that didn’t change clocks…I LOVED it!! We’re in Indiana and apparently, businesses across the country could never remember when we were in line with Central time and when we were in line with Eastern time.


I agree @Liz! I love the extra hour of daylight. I actually shot a recipe at 3:30 yesterday! Wahoo!!!