Curious About Roundup Posts

Hey all, I was curious more about how recipe roundups work. I’ve been looking at trying my hand at some for my niche and I know many of you use them (looking at your @Ginainga !) so I thought I’d ask for help.

I’d love if someone could help me with:

  • What are some examples of successful ones you’ve done?
  • What types of keyword phrases do they usually rank for?
  • What (if any) tools do you use to create them?
  • Where (besides this great forum!) do you find recipes for them?

Thanks so much, I really appreciate it!

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I can’t say I’ve made any “successful” round-ups yet, so I would be curious to hear from other people who maybe have made some and hear their tips/advice for how to format the posts as well.

You can join some round-up groups on Facebook. That’s a great way to get inundated with more recipes for your roundup than you will ever need. I also try to sprinkle in a few well-ranking recipes that fit in the theme. Not sure if that’s a good method or not.

We create round ups for our own site as well as to share on as contributors.

I know Megan has had success with rankiq to search for relevant content and keywords as well as using the Pinterest tool and we build out from there what we want to do.

I think it’s a great way to network with other content creators as well as we share the link with them and build backlinks with one another in relevant content. It’s been great to find niche blogs that we might not have otherwise necessarily found in addition to the awesome bloggers that respond to our requests for recipes within the forum. I don’t go to the same people all the time - we try and make sure we’re sharing many voices and that’s important too.

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I’m finding that using an image with a paragraph of text below it and a link within that is better than using my WPRM. I seek long tail keywords that will rank and then answer all the questions on the topic. Then I make H2 titles for a breakdown of the content that it could also help ranking.
Here are a few examples.

The key words I am trying to rank for is the actual URL
Now as a party blogger I do have many of my top 10 post in that area as roundups. I don’t know if it will help you look at them but here they are. the first one is new and it’s a RankIQ post I just did and it’s my #2 post.

this is a number #1 post that just is a fluke that I got 20 Best Party Themes For Adults | Intentional Hospitality

Ask me anything… I will try to help


Loving this info. @melissat can you elaborate on the Pinterest tool you mentioned?

I’ve used this link called Pinterest trends and been able to search for content and keywords. This is available as a business account in Pinterest I believe.


Great stuff everyone, I really appreciate it!

I like that you’re doing better with the way I’m used to doing roundups with images/text rather than using the roundup feature from the recipe card. I have always wondered about this.

Also @jasonlogsdon I hit like on any of the post I use from bloggers on the FB Social Sharing group. Then when the post goes live, I state the need for more is closed and paste the new post link in instead of my homepage. I then go through all the likes (ones I used) and paste in a thank you and ask them to share with their social media.