Crafting an Elevator Pitch

Hello! Does anyone have any advice on crafting an elevator pitch?

Tastemaker is in a couple weeks and in a recent zoom, Abbey suggested coming in with a solid elevator pitch for speaking with the brands. I’d like to get mine nailed down so I can practice it!

Also, any helpful advice for speaking with brands at the conference would be great too!


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Hi Katie!

I think it’s awesome that you are preparing your pitch and thinking about it. Giving yourself time to work on it and coming up with something you’re confident in will go a long way. I think you’ll be inspired by what your peers share in these episodes and get your creative juices flowing! You’ll do great!

Here are some EBT episodes specifically on pitching:
Episode #261 Deliver Any Pitch with Confidence

Episode #241 Personalizing Your Pitch to Land Brand Deals within Your Niche

Episode #263 How Food Bloggers Can Charge What They’re Worth


Surely I’ve already listened to these but I will listen again since that’s what I’m currently thinking about! Thanks for grabbing them for me, Melissa!

I’m like you, I have listened to almost every podcast. I need to go back too and relisten now that it is relevant to going to Chicago.
I can’t imagine how hard it’s going to be to grab their attention with so many of us there.

That’s what I was thinking too @Ginainga! Maybe the best plan will be to make a connection, get their info, and then reach out again after the conference?

Hey @Katie have you ever listened to The Influencer Podcast with Julie Solomon? She’s all about pitching, she might have some good insight on her show or maybe even website.

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Thanks @girlappetit I will check this out too! I haven’t listened before.

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You’re welcome! Which one(s) was the most beneficial?