Contracts - Boring but necessary

So here I am. I finally scored a 3-month brand deal and now they want me to send over a contract. I don’t have one. Is there a good template one can be found online? Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!


First of all, congratulations!!! @austrianwithwuff that is so freaking exciting!!!

I am sure you might be able to google a few good templates. Unfortunately, I have never looked into it myself so I don’t know of a good one off the top of my head. But I am sure that there is something good floating out there. Maybe some paid templates might be good to consider, maybe more legit?

Here is one that I found that seems to list a lot of important points

If client’s don’t have a contract, I purchased one from Sprout Law to use as a general one. Here is the link: Sprout Law® — Contract Templates | Small Business Attorney Near Me

Thank you! That website looks great (and affordable)

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Congrats! I wonder if you could say a little bit about how you got the deal?

No problem! I’m glad I could help out.

How exciting - I’m so glad for you! I don’t have a contract but episode 30 Alli Kelley shares about a legal contact she had to recommend in working with brands. It might be nice to check out a few sources!

You can find some great templates at Businessese!

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