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Hi guys,
From what I have seen here, I might be the less experienced of all. In my quest to learn the know-how of content marketing, I came across a very useful website that taught the basics of this complex yet necessary field for marketers.
I decided to share it with you guys here. It helped me a lot. Hopefully would do the same for you.

I have adapted some of the ideas from this website in my posts. For example, I learned how to write for average readers. Most people on average have the reading ability of an 8th grader. So one of the reasons readers do not relate to your posts is that the sentences are above their reading skills.

Take this post [14 Most Popular Types Of Date Fruits | Koshbin Group] for example. It created a lot of traffic to my blog. Yet I used mostly simple sentences.

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Thank you for sharing @pistachioguy !