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Guidance please, I am working with my first brand. A local beef company and doing some social promoting and sponsored blog posts. When discussing the terms of the agreement I stated that they don’t own any of my images and only IG/Pinterest images would be provided to use to promote the recipes I am developing with their product. However, now they are asking for a full-size/full-resolution image to use on their website sidebar. I did make it clear in the negotiation that any other images would need to be licensed or purchased. BUT now I don’t know what to charge them for the image because it’s my first time dealing with a brand. TIA

To give a starting point: If it’s a small local business, and given the fact that they’re not using the image for advertising but for a website sidebar, you might consider a range from $50 to $200 for limited usage rights. But this is just a rough estimate and depends on many factors.

I would also assess how much time was taken and multiply by an hourly rate, benchmark to other market rates (e.g. shutterstock). Also it depends on how much of a relationship you want to build with them - perhaps you can give a discounted rate if you think there is a longer term value to your brand. You can also limit the time they can use it for e.g. 3 months.

I agree with what @tobias said - it’s going to depend on a lot of factors, including your desire to work with the brand and have it turn into a longer partnership, and unfortunately no one is going to be able to give you a definitive answer.

I would suggest doing research on image licensing fees, as well as image licensing contracts. I did a quick Google search and there looked to be a lot of helpful articles so that’s where I would start!

@Hollishomestead I know this is probably going to be too late for you, but I saw that Food Blogger Pro is having a one-hour Q&A all about pricing your work. There’s a fee for it, but if it’s something you’re wanting future guidance on it might be helpful!

This is exactly what I need! Thank you for sharing this resource.

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