Combining Websites

I have a question about a domain/website issue I hope someone can help me with. Years ago, I started sort of a lifestyle blog that included recipes. After doing that for awhile, I decided that I should focus on the recipes. I set up my food blog with a better name as a subdomain (I think that’s the correct term.)of the first one. I plan to change hosts this fall when it’s time for renewal.

As the original blog has largely been neglected and I’m focusing on the food blog, I wonder if I can shut down the first site. The thing is that there’s some Pinterest traffic leading to the first one. I have republished the best recipes to my new website with redirects from the old one. The “lifestyle” posts that I would like to keep, I could copy onto the newer blog and noindex them.

Is there any way to shut down the original blog without messing things up? Is there an advantage to doing that? Is there an SEO advantage to having my food blog be the main one with my host?

Thanks so much for any words of wisdom and guidance you can offer!

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Hey! So, good news, your new host should be able to do any of the heavy lifting with getting your subdomain onto its own hosting. There’s not really going to be any issue with a switch like that.

As far as taking down the old site…it’s hard to say without knowing more details. Do you have many links on your main food blog back to that old one? Are they integrated at all? If they really are stand-alone from the front-end content side, then I don’t see any problem with taking it down.

Thank you for your prompt reply, Bethany! I’m glad to learn that this doesn’t have to be complicated! There are no links from the new site to the old one, only the other way around. So, I guess if I copy what I want to keep and I’m willing to give up the links from Pinterest, I’m good to go!

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