Clubhouse & Productivity Session Schedule Update!

An update to both the Clubhouse and Productivity Session schedules, starting in April!

The schedule is moving to twice a month, on every 1st and 3rd Thursday. They will still take place at Noon Eastern/9am Pacific. Download the app and create a free account to join in on the discussions!

Productivity Sessions
We are adding in twice a month sessions on the 1st and 3rd Thursday immediately following the Clubhouse calls, starting at 1pm Eastern/10am Pacific! We will continue to hold weekly calls on Monday at Noon Eastern/9am Pacific as well.

Please join in for one or both!


I’m excited for more productivity sessions!!

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So glad to hear that @jennaurben!

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I love the productivity sessions - thank you for making those happen!

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Maybe I am late to the game, however, may I ask how I can join the productivity calls?

Hi @Dalitnovak! You can join the productivity call by clicking the Zoom link shown in the Productivity Session pinned post at the top of the forum. I’ll tag you in it in just a moment.

We’re currently taking a short break from the calls, but they’ll resume after July 4th!

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Thank you! I hope to join on the next session!

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