Closed Captioning

I am having a very hard time getting closed captioning to work. It’s been super frustrating, I can’t find any instructions that are perfectly clear, been trying to piece together a bunch of info to make it work from multiple websites and it’s not.

This is a simple video where no one is talking, so I just need to describe what is taking place in the video.

I uploaded my CC file to Mediavine. I made the file in Word and saved as a SRT file as one website said I could.

This is what the file said. I copied a format one site gave me:

00:00:01,00 --> 00:00:06,00
How to swirl mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes

00:00:06,03 --> 00:00:19,00
One spoonful at a time, place the sweet potatoes into the bowl in different spots.

00:00:19,03 --> 00:00:38,00
Next add the gold potatoes one spoonful at a time to the bowl where there aren’t sweet potatoes yet.

00:00:38,03 --> 00:00.48,00
Once you have all the potatoes use the back of your spoon to mix them together slowly until evenly mixed.

When the video plays it just lists the first section and never changes.
Is there something missing here? Or was that website’s instructions completely wrong?

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@eatlikenooneelse I’ve been hoping someone else would be able to help you with this, Eric. I’m bumping it up to see if anyone bites!

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