Chocolate truffle recipes

Hi Everyone! I’m working on a simple ganache post, and I’d love to include a photo and a link to a recipe for chocolate truffles that use a ganache base. I’m happy to link on whatever keywords you’d like!

If you happen to have a recipe and a photo I could use, let me know.

Thanks so much,

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Hi Maya!

I just published a chocolate truffles recipe that used a simple ganache base that you can link to - I can send you one of the photos, too, just let me know if one works better for you.

This is perfect! Thanks so much! One of the pictures of the final truffles would be great, but I don’t mind which one! Would it be easiest to email it to me? If so you can send it to mayaskitchendaydreams [at] ! I’m posting it this Saturday just so you know!

Oh and let me know if there are specific keywords you want to be linked on!

Sure! I’ll email a photo to you tomorrow. Thanks!

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Thank you so much, I really appreciate it !