Changing your domaine name?

Hello, I’m still new at this so here goes-I originally named my blog after myself. I did this about a year and half ago when I had not a clue as to what to name my site. Since then, I’ve just been learning the tech side of things as I still work full-time so there are only a few recipes published. I’m working to create more content and have been making many changes-a huge one is changing the domain which I was very nervous about. Now, here I am looking at all of your other beautiful sites and decided to change my site to And now it looks like the website has lost all SEO and is starting from scratch-Google analytics is zero up to the day I initiated the new domain. Is that what is supposed to happen when you change domains?

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Hey @Linda when did you make the domain switch? I know it can sometimes take A WHILE for things to normalize, but I’m not exactly sure how long.

I made the switch late last week, maybe Wednesday or Thursday and I see that Google Analytics is still trying to ‘sync’. I’m seeing some stats come back to life though…so I’m reassured that maybe it just needs more time as you say.

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@Linda I’ve heard that it takes a while (1-2 weeks??), but that they will start to pop back up. Fingers crossed that they come back at even higher ranking than before!

@Megan Thank so much! I will be patient! :crossed_fingers:

It’s always hard to be patient when you do those kinds of changes. We want immediate results and to know everything is ok. If it’s not after a week or two, circle back around. Maybe we can find out some help.

Eric, thanks for the words of encouragement! :slight_smile: