Canva Content Calendar

Well, today Canva rolled out its own content calendar. I know FB and Pinterest are picky about schedulers but I thought I would try an old pin I created in there to see what happens. It sure would be easier for me if it does well because I create all my Pinterest pins in there.
April Beach did a quick video on it if anyone is interested.


This is great! I hadn’t seen it yet. Even without the ability to post to a platform, it will be really helpful in keeping content organized. We’ve just been talking about how to best organize some of this with EBT now that we have launched new new platform.

If they can get Instagram on there, that will be soooo helpful!!!

Ahhh this is SO great and will save some headaches, especially for bloggers with teams! Thank you so much for sharing this helpful little video, @Ginainga !!

She discussed in the video that they were working on adding IG hopefully soon.
I’ll keep you all posted on the numbers I get with pinterest and fb from my sched.

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I had no idea they were developing this. It looks great.
Just a warning though. I was using Coschedule until about 6 months ago. I loved it and had been using it for years. Then all of a sudden I started being put in Facebook jail for weeks at a time. I’d be put in jail and get out and as soon as a post went out from Coschedule back to jail I’d go. It took me ages to put 2 and 2 together and at one point i was in Facebook jail for 3 months. The punishments got longer and longer.
It turned out after speaking to many other people that it had happened to them too.
I eventually managed to chat with someone at Facebook and they told me it was because they want us to use their scheduler and we should not be using another one. He couldn’t explain why some people were still getting away with it and others like me weren’t.
Since then I don’t use a scheduler for anything except Tailwind for Pinterest.
So I’d be wary of using this for auto-posting to Facebook.


@Mel wow! I’m so sorry you’ve had a handful of stints in FB jail! :frowning_face:
That is CRAZY that you were punished for using an outside scheduler. Clearly IG and Pinterest don’t mind because so many food bloggers schedule to those platforms through Tailwind (and Planoly and others…). I’ve always scheduled FB through FB and I think I’ll stick with that. Yikes!!

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