Can we use two ad network platform on one website

Currently I am using Adsense but it’s not enough but what is the best ad platform for the website which are getting 10k monthly views?

If I am using Adsense so can I use other platform as well? It would make the site slow?

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What about ezoic and monumetric

Hey Shelly! I’ve asked similar questions lately to people who know way more than I do about ads and the consensus is that you should probably focus on one ad platform at a time to avoid slowing down your site.
Have you looked into SHE media? @TarynS works with this ad network currently and might be able to give you insights about it! That would DEFINITELY be a huge step up from Adsense.

I don’t know much about Ezoic of Monumetric. Anyone else?

Hi Shelly!

I was with SHE media for most of 2019 though just switch over to MediaVine in December.

I believe SHE has a minimum of 20K pageviews per month in order to apply, so it sounds like you may have a way to go still. I would wait to do SHE before doing Ezoic or Monumetric - when I was researching ad companies before SHE all I found were negative reviews for both of those.

I will say, SHE is ok, but MediaVine is way better. I know SHE has been getting flooded with requests since MV upped their entry number of sessions and as a result the customer service isn’t as good as when I first signed on. However it’s definitely better than nothing and if you need the money I would encourage you to wait until you hit the requirements for SHE then apply.

Last I checked SHE does require a year-long contract, so once you’re able to apply there you may want to weigh how much longer you think you’d take to hit MV requirements - if it’s 6-ish months or less from when you can apply to SHE I’d wait. If it’s more, I’d go with SHE.

Hope that helps!