Busy Work Schedules + Building in time off and/or planning

Hey everyone,

Megan has had several podcast episodes regarding this very topic and shared her own strategy. How have people thought through this subject in regards to their blog? Do you have a planning session at the beginning of each week to get your head wrapped about what needs to get done? Or a popular 4 day work week a work style you use?

I do ‘Bare Minimum Mondays’ at work to help beat the ‘Sunday scaries’ and avoid burnout. It’s totally changed my life and how I approach my job.

Also, is anyone actively working now to get ahead for a more relaxed summer?

Love to hear what’s working for everyone!

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I love this topic @melissat!

I tend to plan my tasks either the Friday before or during the weekend for that next week. It helps me focus on what needs to get done and I feel good checking things off the list. It’s part of the reason we started Weekly Goal Threads! :blush:

I’m not great about building in time off. It naturally tends to happen when my kids are on summer break because I just don’t have the same amount of dedicated work time when they’re home, but I don’t do a great job of planning for it in my business. Interested to hear how others plan for this!

I think consciously doing that is great, @TarynS. I have great intentions to do it but haven’t been consistent. I see the value! I don’t want to dread Mondays either.

I think planning some time off in the summer is necessary for many bloggers with kids. As a VA, I also need that with my 5 keeping me busy! But it’s one reason I’m blessed to do this work, so that we can do some fun things so I hope to be able to intentionally cram time on certain days and plan fun on others without guilt.

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