Business email lists you love?

Was wondering what email lists you LOVE being on? Are there any you always read and would suggest for the rest of us to follow?

I’m not really a big email reader, so I want suggestions!

I’m a blogging strategist and often share free weekly blogging tips with my email list.
There’s one big fat sign-up form at the top of my website:

But I also love Carly Campbells emails. She’s a mom blogger but if you sign-up to her email list via her “Start a blog” stuff, you’ll receive some awesome blogging emails.
She blogs at

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@thesheapproach Thanks! I signed up for your email!

@thesheapproach I did too!

@BethanySmith I also really like Epicurious and Food and Wine emails… They offer a lot of content that’s easy to pin to fill out my Pinterest page with content that my followers are interested in. The Conde Nast Roundup is also useful, as well as Food Politics with Marion Nestle.

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@GroceryAddict That food politics one sounds really interesting!

I guess I should also mention that I have an email list, and talk about general blogging news, as well as tech and content tips for food bloggers. I’m biased, but think it’s great! :wink: :wink: :wink:

And Eat Blog Talk has an email list too! You can sign up at the bottom of the home page.

@BethanySmith I signed up for both, thanks! The more knowledge, the better, amirite?? :heart: