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Hi everyone, I need some advice.

I’ve been blogging on and off for about 4 years due to school, I didn’t post for a year, but last year I decided to turn my blog into a business and devote basically my life to trying to increase my traffic and grow my email list. I’ll be reaching the one-year mark next month since putting all my effort into building this into a business but nothing has worked.

I’ve heard so many success stories from others saying they tripled their traffic within months, which is amazing for them! I just don’t know what else to do. I post 4 times a week, I post on Instagram, I recently joined Facebook groups and getting into Pinterest. I’ve read about backlinks but don’t know how to get organic ones. I’m feeling overwhelmed and kind of discouraged if I should continue with this because my progress is so slow, like turtle slow :sweat_smile:

If anyone has any advice for me or anyone else in the same situation, please let me know. Thank you so much in advance.


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I’m right there with you. I have an older blog that I used as a hobby. Life is finally to the point that I want to create a business out of it. I started this past fall rewriting all my old content and updating photos. I hired Lauren from Services for Bloggers - Systems to Skyrocket. She is on show # 34. It’s been a long process and not so easy. For example, I have done 14 rewrites or new posts since January 1st. She gives me a spreadsheet for what needs to be done and I go at it. She is helping me figure out what I am ranking for and now creating new content to go along with that.
I believe there are several of us trying to take an older blog and make a business out of it on this group. Keep at it and we can climb the mountain together.


I understand your frustration. I have definitely been there before and had my struggles for years while having to hear other’s success stories.

How many blog posts do you have and do you update your blog posts? I have found success updating old blog posts. In fact right now, a couple posts I updated are in my top 10 and they weren’t anywhere near that before the update.

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@kitjen I have some thoughts for you! First of all, HANG IN THERE! You decided to turn your blog into a business and it is soooo possible. You can do this.

You mentioned wanting to increase traffic and grow your email list. What if you focused on ONE source of traffic for the next quarter just to see if you could make a dent? So, pick probably either Pinterest, FB or organic and place a heavy focus on it, in addition to focusing on your email list.

And I’d even suggest cutting back on the number of times you’re posting weekly so you can open up time to really focus on building one stream of traffic. If traffic is your main goal, cut back on Instagram, too. There will be time to focus on IG later.

The thing that held me back for FAR TOO LONG (yearrrrrs!) was that I was trying to do it all. I never focused on just one or two things at once. We’re here for you! Please reach out anytime if you’d like help brainstorming. Would you be interested in joining the Q1 mastermind group? I could squeeze you in if you’re interested! This could really help to bring you some clarity and direction. Also, there is a brand new planning feature inside the EBT membership that helps you nail down EXACTLY what you should be focusing on this quarter.

Here’s a list of helpful episodes and other free resources that will hopefully help!

FREE Pinterest Email Challenge

FREE monetization email course for bloggers

Helpful Facebook podcast episodes

Helpful Pinterest podcast episodes

Helpful SEO-related podcast episodes

DEFINITELY listen to these episodes about growing your email list

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Hi Gina,

Thank you for your motivating words. I agree it’s a lot of work to try to make an older blog into a business, and I am so happy you have found your system and plan. I will look into hearing that episode and taking some notes. Thank you so much again. I’ll gladly climb that blogging mountain together.


Since summer 2016 I believe I have more than a hundred blog posts. At the beginning of last year I updated my older posts, but not the photos. However, since then I have learned how to write blog posts differently, more “food blog type” if that’s a thing. I may have to go back and redo them.

And, that’s amazing! I’m so happy to hear your hard work is paying off, I can’t wait to reach that point.

Hi Megan!!

Thank you for responding to my post.

I’m trying to hang in there because something has to work, right? I’m 100% percent committed to this now and reading your thoughts, it ha encouraged me to keep on going.

I completely agree with focusing on ONE source of traffic. Last year I focused on Instagram, my following grew and so did my traffic, for a while but then stopped. I’m not really good at promoting my blog without wanting to annoy anyone or sound spammy. This year, I chose to focus on Pinterest because I heard from many bloggers that it’s their main source of traffic. I haven’t had any luck yet, but I will keep trying. I’m not sure if my pins aren’t visually appealing or my photography isn’t eye catching, but I need to figure out the issue and the attachments you provided will be my life saver. THANK YOU FOR THOSE!

For my email list, I created freebies and trying to figure out a successful way to promote it in order to grow my email list.

Right now I post 4 times a week, but should I cut back to three? I can definitely do that, if it’ll help with my end goal: Growing my traffic and email list.

I agree, trying to do it all is not only tiring, but a waste of time because I’m not succeeding at any of it.

Thank you so much for the wonderful and helpful feedback. How much is the Q1 mastermind group?

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Yes @kitjen something WILL work! 2020 was an unfortunate year to dig into Pinterest (definitely not your fault… it was just a weird/rough year), but there is a lot of potential there. Post some of your pins here in the forum and ask for feedback!

From what you’re saying, I’d probably recommend cutting back to 2-3 posts per week while you figure out what you want to put a focus on and strategize.

Masterminds are $100 for not-yet-members, but if you become a member you get FREE mastermind access as well as all of the goodies inside the membership for a year. If you’re interested in either option let me know asap so I can get you in the schedule!!

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Thank you so much for the advice Megan, it’s really reassuring to continue. Thank you so so much.

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