Blog Post Cleanup CHALLENGE! 🧹

:broom: We just finished putting together the 7-day Blog Post Cleanup Challenge, which is starting inside the EBT community on MONDAY!! Once you’re inside the community, click into the CHALLENGES section and it’ll be ready for you right away in the morning on Monday, August 31st.

In the challenge, you will find your Top 7 most popular posts from the past year after a quick dig into Google Analytics. For the following 7 days, you will perform 9 “cleanup” tasks to each post, including breaking up long paragraphs, adding alt text to images, creating new Pinterest pins and more!

After the challenge is done, you will have a better understanding about how to get increased traction on new posts you create going forward (and other oldies you wish to update).

:confetti_ball: Join the EBT community at the member level to access the challenge! :confetti_ball:


Sounds like an excellent challenge! I’m in!!


The challenge is live! :clap:t2:

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Started! I reshot pics for two posts today and I’m feeling so good about it. Now to actually get them on-line :crazy_face::laughing: