Block Editor

I was going through my older posts and saw this on the back end but the post is ok for people to see. (Well I am still working on making things better so it may not be the best) Does anyone know why this says this on my back end of my older post? “This block contains unexpected or invalid content” and then I have no content here in the edit mode??? Thank you!

There is probably something funky with the code on the page. Do you know how to switch to text view and see the code? Can you post a screenshot?

I snipped it because I had other stuff on my screen that was showing, and I could not enlarge it. No I do not know how to change it to text view and see the code. thank you!

Hit the “convert to HTML” and then can you post what it looks like? Thanks!

When I preview it everything seems fine, it’s on the edit post side that the words and recipe do not come through for me to edit. It just shows the HTML code when I changed it, or only a few of the pictures show with a caption in code. thx

Can you email me or message me on here the link to the post and I’ll look.

Also looking at the screenshot, what happens when you hit “resolve”? Does that fix it?