Best Affiliate Income Post

Hey, I want to hear from anyone that does affiliate marketing. Share with me the blog post or posts that you think are the best sources of affiliate income.

This is not my best one, but one that has seen increased sales of late -

I am hoping we can learn from each other to help one another make blog posts that convert into more affiliate income.


This post is my top affiliate earner by far (I don’t earn a ton, but it’s not nothing)…

This cake recipe does really well on Google, but in order to make an IP cake you need a weird-sized cake pan.


@megan do you find that copying the text with image as you have done in this post has lead to more conversions than simply copying the text link?

I’m not getting much traffic yet because my blog is still small. No Amazon sales yet. I just use the text links and am wondering if I should start doing what you have done.


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@Sandra are you talking about the image carousels inside the post? I DEFINITELY think that helps because then people can see exactly what they need to buy.

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@megan Yes the image carousel inside the post. How did you create that, btw?

I usually have an equipment section within the body of my posts but have been using text links there.

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@Sandra Go into your affiliated dashboard and click on Product Linking, then Native Shopping Ads. Then click on Custom Ads…

From there you can add 4 products and it’ll generate a custom embed code for you. Let me know if you need additional help with this!


@megan Thanks for the info! I will give it a try.

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I don’t have any great ones, but the most consistent is one that has a free printable and they have to use the products on amazon to use the printable. hole punch, laminator, special paper and so forth

@megan Do you have a non-Amazon affiliate linked post that performs for you?

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A bit of a plug for our “Conversations on Monetization” ebook. We have an exclusive interview in there with Caroline Caron-Phelps of Pickled Plum and she talks about all of this.

She basically says to think about what you love and are good at, so it’s probably something that’s within your niche, and then find an affiliate product that matches that. Then you can write a blog post that “features” that product but it is super genuine and often does well since you already love the product and are an expert. Of course, she explains it all better than I do!


@eatlikenooneelse No, not really. I’ll be working on that more in 2021!

That’s a good goal. I am continuing trying to improve that. Do you have any other affiliate programs you are apart of? I am doing affiliate links for Porter Road, Ergo Spout, Burlap & Barrel, Vesta Prescision, and Thrive Market.

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@eatlikenooneelse Instacart, Thermoworks, Mealthy and a few more I’m not remembering!

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I have Thermoworks too but I haven’t added any links yet.

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This is great, I have not yet worked on it but, as I experienced for pool vacuum for intex get more wealthy.

It seems awesome when you built an affiliate site.