Benchmarks for email stats by industry for end of 2019

Have you ever looked at these benchmark reports that most of the major email companies put out?

They are great cause they can give you a good idea of what your open and click-through rates could be.

I do always take these with a grain of salt as the reports from each email platform seem to vary. So, I kinda average it all out in my brain and use it as an idea of what could happen.

It’s also hard to know where food blogging falls as a category.

For MailerLite they have the open rates for Health & Fitness category at 22.22% and Home & Garden at 25.96%.

MailChimp has open rates for Health & Fitness at 21.48% and Home & Garden at 21.60%.

What do you think? Are your open rates in that range? Do you think it’s doable?

Here are the full reports:

MailerLite stats
MailChimp stats

My open rates range from 13% to 25% from week to week. Before I switched to Flodesk I never saw numbers in the 20s. I was at a consistent 15-17% with ConvertKit.

It’s really interesting to see what other category rates are! Go MailerLite Home & Garden! :slight_smile:

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Your click through rates are that high or your open rates? Because those are awesome click throughs!!! (And open rates!)

I updated my post to include it was talking about open rates, because that didn’t seem clear. :slight_smile:

Oops, I meant open rates! :slight_smile:

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