Balancing Creativity and SEO Optimization

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One of the reasons I started blogging was because I really love coming up with creative takes on recipes and trying to be as innovative as possible. Unfortunately, I always find that the recipes I write that I think are the most interesting never seem to do well in terms of SEO because they aren’t exactly common recipes.

I.e. I have a recipe for mini cinnamon and hazelnut cakes, and although I rank really well for “mini cinnamon and hazelnut cakes” very few people actually search for that. In comparison, I have a basic sourdough recipe that brings in quite a bit of traffic, even though it isn’t a particularly creative recipe.

I’d love to know how you all balance sharing creative recipes that are innovative and fun with sharing recipes that you know tons of people search for.

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Maybe there are a couple things you could try… you can play around with the keywords more so it will make it easier to rank for without having to give up the innovation…?

Or, you could maybe follow an 80/20 rule? You could try making 80% of your recipes something that people are searching for, and focus on that just to get your traffic up and running. And then 20% of the time post a recipe that you really have fun with, get creative!

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I run my recipe’s keyword through RankIQ. For example, I had a recipe on my site that is called Thai Chicken. I searched in the RankIQ keyword library and found spicy Thai chicken recipe were great keywords to build my post around. I run the report and write it on the optimizer platform. As I write it tells me all the other keywords I need to include to help it rank on page one. I have been using this method for almost a year for new and updating posts. I am now moving over to AdThrive because my PV qualify. 70% of my top 20 post are probably RankIQ posts now. If you are not familiar with RankIQ here is a link.
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Thanks so much @Ginainga and @girlappetit ! I really appreciate the suggestions. I’ve been slowly updating old posts and trying to target better keywords, so I’ll definitely see if I can get a little more creative with those!

I haven’t tried rankIQ because I’ve been hesitant to pay for yet another subscription service, and it’s definitely a bit pricey. Great to hear it’s helped you, though, maybe I should rethink my hesitance!

I was at 18,000ish pageviews in Dec. 2020. Started rankiq in March 2021 and I was over 110,000 this December 2021. I did have a technical audit with tophat rank and switched to Feast but feel the biggest reason I excelled this old blog (2014) so fast was using RankIQ to help me update and create new posts. I was so intentional about creating a business I even sold stuff on FB yardsale to make $ for my audits. I stopped subscribing to anything that did not create income. I spent to many years doing “courses” to learn how and got about the business of creating good content. Megan has been a big part of all this for sure!

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It’s so hard when you have recipes that you love, but they just aren’t ever going to rank. I do my best with optimizing them but make sure balance them out with heavy hitter posts in there to help boost things. Love the 80/20 rule!

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wow! that’s amazing - thanks so much for sharing!

As a professional pastry chef, I have a hard time balancing creativity and SEO. In my head I want to create desserts that are unique and new but I know on paper I have to create recipes that will rank. So I like the 80/20 approach. Have some basic recipes I know people look for but then also throw in some creative ones (one I thought people would never even look at are my Nutella Meringues. But the Bakefeed shared a reel of me making them and now I see people make and tag me in pictures all over).

Bottom line: sometimes you have to create what makes YOU happy. Because let’s be honest, does the world really need another banana bread recipe :rofl: (And I LOVE a good banana bread, don’t get me wrong)

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Love this advice!!! thank you so much for you input @austrianwithwuff