Would anyone be interested in doing some link sharing across sites to gain some backlink juice?

Let me know who’s in and I can set something up!

@melissat heads up! I may be enlisting your help on this! :smiley:


I’m in, I definitely need backlinks!

I am interested :raising_hand_woman:

I’m interested if it can be set up in a way that makes it somewhat organic, i.e. not a “link trading scheme.” Maybe like prioritizing each other for links when we want to add links to our content? Busy the next couple days but would be open to brainstorming about it at some point.

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I am very interested!

Very interested! Always up for google juice and sharing to make it better for others too. :grin: I am interested in knowing the best way that we can do this organically.

I would be interested too!

I would be interested too if it’s set up as a three-way swap.

I am wondering if it would be useful also to have a Google form set up where we can add our blog and niche. I would love to link out to my fellow food bloggers in my blog posts. If I have a document I can refer to when looking for content to link out to, it would be helpful.

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I’m interested, love the idea of collaborating with fellow food bloggers. :slight_smile:

Me me me!!! Please count me in. :raising_hand_woman:t2:

Awesome, everyone! I definitely intend for this to be an authentic situation and not scheme-y.

We will set up a document and set some rules around it and share soon!


Ditto to all above. Thanks Megan!

Yes!! Sounds great!!

I would love this as well!

Hi! I’m new and would love to see how you accomplish this backlink goal. I actually recently launched a “Monthly Meal Plan” where I create a PDF with links to each recipe on the day of the month and it’s a way I am helping to share about other food bloggers with my readers. Sort of a printable recipe round-up, but in a different form.

So I share this just to mention that I created a Google Form for the bloggers to submit their recipes for a month - if it’s something like this, however, I’m sure it can just be a weekly or monthly forum post.

Hello Everyone!

We are delighted to get this started for you. We have created a google doc so that we can see the links that you’d like to see shared and then also include your niche/theme of your blog to help others see the recipe and your blog to be sure it’d work well/compliment with their content as they share.

Please email me at with your email address. I will invite you to the form so we can share the google document with you. It is our goal to include anyone who wants to make this as organic as possible and use where it works, but avoid link stuffing. We are recommending each blogger share up to 5 links that you’d like to see shared on the form for others to use. Also, we’re suggesting each recipe only be shared 3x by different bloggers before we ask you select a new one to put on the form.

Thank you @megan for getting us started on this!

Great idea! I’m in :slight_smile:

I would love to participate

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I like the sounds of this! Thanks for setting this up!

This is awesome Melissa! Would love to be included - thank you!