Artificial light?

After listening to the podcast today I decided to master artificial light before winter. I have an Aleienbees B400 with an umbrella filter and trigger. (don’t ever use it) I am wondering what the difference is between this and what Whitney suggested, the godox 8600 pro.
Any help appreciated.

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I love that you’re taking on this challenge, @Ginainga ! Maybe @Barbara would have some insights that would help?

Gina, I think that’s a great light you’ve got there! I definitely would give it a try! Artificial light has a learning curve to it but it’s so nice to use! I shoot primarily artificial these days so if you have any questions, I’m happy to help you get started!

thanks! we are about to put our house on the market and move into a rental while we build. I know the chances of having good natural light might be slim. However I am positioning the house just for great light… now to figure out how to do that. lol

Do you have any suggestions on some tutorials for using this type of light? I love Joni Simons but a few others might be good for me to learn from to build confidence in set up

So funny! I would do the same thing if given the opportunity! The flash may become your new best friend in your rental!

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Gina, I only shoot with flash so am happy to help out. I find that with a flash, you get much better photos than with just artificial light. I have a flash, a trigger, a softbox for the flash and then use a white board to get rid of shadows. I gook Joni’s course some time ago. I can go through my settings with you if you want help. Once you go flash you’ll never go back!