Article: Why your site experiences seo ranking declines

This article explains what Google’s John Mueller shared about sites that experience slow rank decline. He says these 5 items are often why:

  1. Ecosystem changes.
  2. Algorithm has changed
  3. Users searches have changed
  4. User content expectations change
  5. Gradual changes do not come from large dramatic website issues


What do you think? How do you combat this?

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I feel like these items encompass the largest scope of possible problems imaginable. A big part of this has to do with the user, so staying on top of what they’re wanting and what their expectations are helps out a lot, I think.

But how do we know if user content expectations change and how do we deal with that if/when it happens?

As far as it pertains to these topics, I’d say that keeping up with user expectations would be twofold:

  1. Keep your website updated with the latest technology/plugins and themes, etc. You don’t need to jump on every trend, but technology and design both change fairly quickly, so if you aren’t regularly updating, you’re probably falling behind. I’d say to keep up, make regular adjustments as-needed, but a major overhaul of a website is needed every 3-5 years. (Probably closer to 3 if you want your website “fresh”.)

  2. Keep up with food trends. It’s often hard to see this on the monthly or even yearly level, but if you look at it in 5 or 10 year chunks, it’s easy to see trends and changes. For instance, cupcakes were all the rage awhile back, and now not so much. If you have several cupcake recipes, you may have had good growth during those years, and now a decline as people just don’t care as much anymore. But, of course, people still do make cupcakes and will want the recipe, it just won’t generate as many views as the recipe did once.

So, with both of these, the question becomes how to stay on top of the trends and understand them. I think a forum like this is a great way, see what people are discussing. It’s also one great reason why hiring someone to do graphic design and/or website design is a good idea too!

Personally, I just try to follow different people on social and see what they are saying. I’ve also had to make a conscious effort to try to accept and understand new trends. Maybe not super in-depth, but enough that I know what’s going on!