Article update brings results!

Thought I’d share a win from the week! My “wine with corned beef” was averaging low page 1 on Google search. Did a thorough overhaul of the article – had good info, just wasn’t organized that well – in advance of St. Patrick’s Day. Now at #2 (watch out, Wine Spectator!) and that has brought great traffic this week. Yesterday was my first 2,000+ page view day since early January. Saw a couple other Irish recipes doing better than past years too. Slainte!


That is amazing! Congratulations! I love when the hard work pays off!

WHOA! David @CookingChat that is a HUGE win… CONGRATS! Thank you so much for sharing this. I love hearing about people’s successes.

NICE WORK! Huge pat on the back!!

Thanks! It’s nice to have a place to share where people appreciate it!

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WINS brighten my day! Always here to celebrate with you! :clap:

Congratulations @CookingChat

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That is amazing and inspiring - something for me to work toward. Thanks for sharing - all things possible :slight_smile: