Are you TIK-TOKing?

Which of the following best describes your involvement with TikTok as a food blogger?

  • On TikTok and actively using it to promote food blog
  • On TikTok but not actively using it
  • Not on TikTok but wanting to dive in
  • Not on TikTok and no plans to dive in

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My nieces and nephew went viral on TikTok a few months back. Does that count as me using it? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Viral by association! :joy:

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A brand asked me to create a TikTok video for a campaign, even thought I didn’t even have an account yet. It was a paid opportunity, so I was “bribed” into joining. I haven’t done a lot with it as it seems very slow on my phone so I get frustrated quickly.


Oh wow, you didn’t even have an account and you were approached for sponsored work?? That’s great for you! I see more and more food bloggers using TT but I’m so hesitant. ONE MORE THING!!!

I get the one more thing!

I had worked on two previous sponsored blog posts with this brand. It was a last minute deal too, I had to do it the next day and I was paid the day after. A pretty good deal. The brand had just started their own TikTok account.

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Wow, that’s awesome, Eric!

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As a mom to twin teenaged boys, they are always nudging me to get on tik tok. :slight_smile: I’d be curious to hear if anyone has generated traffic to their blog specifically from it?

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