Are you looking for Q1 inspiration before Q4 is done? Let's Chat!

Food bloggers - it’s beautiful fall morning with mild temperatures still here in the midwest. I want to check in with you before you’re knee deep in work! Feeling productive? Got anything new cooking you want to share?

:ear:t4: We’d love to hear what you’re up to this week. Can you use some encouragement? Share below what’s top of your list because we have an amazing tribe of bloggers here willing to problem solve, brainstorm or just give you a fist bump to keep up all the amazing things you are doing today. :fist_right:t4:

*Q1 ideas and preparation *
Anyone check out Megan’s episode about preparing now for Q1 2022? Sara Borgstede of The Holy Mess put a lot of thought behind what she shared and there was so much there to think through and help you make an action plan. Check out episode 242 today if you want all the details!

We’d love to hear if you have any tips that you put into practice now for starting the new year off right and not just expecting a slump in traffic from one source of revenue as the only way to go about it.

Chime in! We’re all ears and your idea might spark someone else’s! :ear:t4:

Love to hear your feedback - thank you!

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