Anyone ready to dive into updating old content?

Sometimes we find gems in the older EBT episodes.

If you are a blogger who hasn’t dove into updating old content, Liz Falcigno of Clean Eating Couple was on the show and shared some great reasons to update old content and also gave some tools to anyone who wants to dive in.

She provides resources and goes through how to navigate Google search console to pull data so you know just where to start. You can grab the resources from the show notes to help you.

Liz made a great point! “If half the content on your site, you haven’t looked at in a year, how can you be confident that someone is going to come to your site, completely random, not know who you are and land on something that is your best work. You wouldn’t want to be putting your C+ and D work there for someone new. You want to have that A+ work that you know is really great and really helpful and just an awesome recipe to present with those people when they start clicking around on your site.”

Let’s be bloggers that always become a great resource to our audience with updated, relevant content! :100:

Episode 90: Episode #Update Old Content For Organic Blog Growth - Eat Blog Talk


This is exactly the motivation I needed. I have so many posts that need to be updated and optimized. I will definitely be listening to the podcast episode again for some tips and tricks!

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