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My name is Annie and I have a wild game-based food blog called Peak to Plate. I’m almost to my 1 year blogging anniversary. I’ve learned SO much over the past year but I know I still have a ton to learn! I’m excited to be part of this community and I hope to learn more from all of you. I’m currently in the process of moving my website to a Feast template so don’t look too closely. :see_no_evil: You can find me at or on IG

My fun fact is that I live in Cody, WY which is a little gem just outside Yellowstone National Park. Cody is a big playground for all sorts of outdoor activities - hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, skiing, etc. It’s a pretty great place to live!

Thanks for having me!



Welcome Annie, what an interesting niche. Let us know if you are struggling with anything. This is a great group, I’m sure you’ll love it.

Thank you so much Barbara! I’m looking forward to learning and growing here!

Welcome @Annie ! My family and I literally just drove through Cody a couple days ago! Crazy. It’s definitely a gem!

So happy to have you here in the community. I hope you feel comfortable asking questions as you navigate blogging. Congrats on your 1-year anniversary! :confetti_ball:

Oh how funny!! I hope you enjoyed your trip. Thank you so much for hosting this platform. I look forward to learning from everyone!

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Hi Annie! Welcome!

We too have a Cody story as we drove through Cody down to get to Jackson Hole. Stopped in Cody (which is darling!) for a quick stop and didn’t realize there was a certain time to exit the park. Got out just in time!

Hope to come back and spend more time!
Again welcome to EBT! Feel free to ask any questions and congrats on your one year!


Thank you so much! Funny about the park, I didn’t even know that! Maybe it was because you were entering Teton National Park. I hope you enjoyed your stay! Jackson is lovely as well.

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Hi Annie! I’m new here, too. Welcome!

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